‘Front Cover Of Beautifully Designed Hard Cover Gloss Coffee Table Book’

Leave this stunning book on your coffee table and people with no previous interest in its subject matter will pick it up and love the unique page presentations of diverse information, finding it compelling reading. Understanding ‘Animal Rights’ sympathizers will appreciate this book as an facility to use and enable them to reach out to people who normally may be reticent to engage in discussion or conversation about animal rights. Combined with soft images, this book will pique the interest, entice, stimulate and provocatively excite their curiosity with engrossing, intelligible different aspects about the subject matter.

This is a beautifully designed 214 page extraordinary coffee table book, an instructive book for animal lovers. With every page, a new unexpected vista of enlightenment becomes available to copy and use or pages can be laminated for display. Compilation is unique in style, layout and presentation with its purposeful, powerful, factual messages. The book is an animal rights activists’ tool, with so much in a nutshell of facts and insight that is available to impart to others.

All animals should be protected by humanitarian integrity and mercy.
We do not own them. They are not ours to harm in any way.
Everything on the earth should be shared with all living creatures.
Every Single Sentient Being On Earth Has A Right To Life and To Live In Peace and Security.
Humanitarianism Means Compassion and The Elimination Of Pain and Suffering For All Living Creatures.

“‘Fascinating, ‘Animal Rights’ ecological, vegetarian, humanitarian,
Anti-vivisection & its abolition, quotes, poems & expositions
of truths & facts. This really is enlightening superb compulsory reading.
It contains environmental & ethical sociological expositions of
compounding evidence. It’s an excellent educational book.”

This is an A4 Gloss Hard Cover Book of 214 Pages
Book Is Totally Paid For By Author & Many Copies Are Freely Given away To:
Schools – Libraries – Animal Rights Societies – Selected Institutions –
Persons & Places To Advance Anti-Vivisection & Animal Rights Issues.
Availability Of Free Books Is Subject To Various Conditions That Are Applicable
On Request By Contacting silentpreciousvoices@y7mail.com
All Monies Derived From The Sales Of This Book Are Used To Print More Copies
To Advance & Inform Everyone About The Animal Rights Issues Of Anti-Vivisection.