From the Author

My main purpose for producing this book is to publicize about an almost forgotten group of animals that are kept out of sight and out of mind to the general public about whom the greater percentage of the public are kept completely in the dark. These are tens of millions of animals in England, Australia and America alone and 255 million per year worldwide and of their circumstances and inhumane fate, they are the abused laboratory animals.

I have tried to make this subject readable, presentable and acceptable to understand, it is written in a tempered, careful manner and includes quotes from some of the most renowned scientists, Nobel Peace Prize recipients, discoverers of some of the greatest advances in medical science, cancer research and famous people of integrity denouncing as evil the medieval pseudo-science and invalidity of laboratory animal experimentation. The general public unwittingly give donations to support this wasteful, cruel, archaic animal research and need to check firstly what their donations are used for. When you give money to ‘Cancer Research Funds’ or any research is that money actually being used for proper medical researching advances with clinical, (Non-animal research)? Like DNA, Embryonic, molecular and new techniques in human trial case programs, that actually have and are obtaining the known results today? In vitro tests on cell cultures is faster and more reliable, so why are they using animals?

Politicians turn a blind eye and allow outdated governments using some laws dating back to the 1920’s that allows this turpitude of medieval science to continue by their archaic entities under their authorisation with very impressive important department titles feigning, ‘Ethical standards’. We have the AEECs, Animal Experimentation Ethics Committees, 19th century outdated, outmoded, bureaucracies of entrenched deck chair rearranging of the code of practice to allow torturing of animals which has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be worthless, useless, of no known benefit to mankind, a hindrance to medical progress, & above all totally inhumane pseudo-science. Protection of cruelty to animals does not extend to laboratory animals; these bureaucracies in control who appear to be rubber-stamping and the perpetrators appear to police themselves which is against the wishes of the general public when they are fully informed and want complete abolition of all animal experiments and testing. My book also contains facts, quotes, expositions, anecdotes, along with my eclectic poems concerning animals, the ecology, vegetarianism and information governments and multinationals do not want you to know, Because of the nature of this evil being perpetrated it is not generally publicised, so it is by this very silence that allows its continuance in almost secrecy, the general public are not aware of the extent of this unnecessary cruelty and what amounts to be a massive cover-up.

Archaic invalid laboratory animal testing has now led to hundreds of thousands of human deaths. Whether you believe in evolution or creation, religion or fate, it’s irrelevant, the unnecessary suffering caused to animals should be of important concern to everyone of no matter what ideology or philosophy. What is the difference between a loving intelligent domestic family member pet Labrador dog protected by law against cruelty to animals and the same intelligent loving Labrador dog held for vivisection research to be cruelly tortured to death without anaesthesia? For no known scientific or medical advancement purpose but solely to make money for vested interests against all general public demands and opinions. If this book can earn money to assist animals in distress in any manner it would be of the upmost, beneficially, worthwhile importance, but getting this book into areas and arenas where this information does not normally go particularly schools and libraries and could be easily accessed and read would be the ultimate goal. Profits from this book will go to buying more books to freely distribute out into schools and libraries particularly to the younger generations and for use by animal rights organizations for their distribution.

The overall intention and purpose of the layouts and composition of this book may not be obvious to many people, it does not conform to chapters, neither does it have a continuance of sequence from page to page, but is deliberately carefully selected and eclectic. It is primary a coffee table book and secondly, an instructive learning tool, to be left out for perusal by people who would not normally read the subject matters contained therein and so each page stands alone as an educational expository, enlightening and, I hope, an edifying experience even from the reading of one page by an initial casual observer. There are many pages that may stand alone as homiletic about animal rights and anti-vivisection for students and in simple terms, I hope school students in particular will find this book decidedly emotive and interesting. The younger generation are vitally important to contact, to inform, to attract their attention and make them understand so they may take up the animal rights issues and help bring about the abolition of vivisection and horrific cruelty.

Everyone that has experienced the love and affection of their pet dog would know it is a thinking, perceptive, trusting and loyal animal and all animals like humans fear pain and suffering, the level of pain experienced and felt by an animal is exactly the same as in humans. Having ten times more love for his owner the next day only changes the unlimited love exuded by a precious dog, but we humans allow them to be tortured in experiments of invalidity. Animals live in an increasingly hostile world which greedily assumes animals always come last, but fundamentally the nurture and conservation of both Earth’s precious animals and their habitats are the key also to mankind’s sustained survival.

“The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous”.
Emile Zola 1840-1902