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“True benevolence or compassion, extends itself through the whole of existence and sympathises with the distress of every creature capable of sensation.” – Joseph Addison

This book is full of astonishing facts and truths discerningly and beautifully presented about ‘Animal Rights’ with Poems of immense importance embedded with tangible deep values and significance. Compulsory reading for Animal Lovers – Humanitarians – Environmentalists – Vegetarians.

Be very proud to take a stand and speak out against animal cruelty.
‘You Are Not Alone’

Precious animals

This book is a compilation of articles for dissemination and informative use, yet does not by any means enshroud, or include many aspects of animal welfare and the alarming concerns of their plight, particularly the incomprehensible government-sanctioned institutionalised laboratory animal cruelty. The book is only a very small window of enlightenment useful for encouraging readers to further research and independently seek a better understanding of issues only briefly mentioned and in so doing some readers of good conscience may be prompted to take some purposeful action to help animals in desperate need and advocate for urgently needed change.

So many different expositions and explanations are contained in this book by intelligent, scientifically informed and professionally honoured people who resoundingly confirm in the strongest possible terms about the abject unnecessary horror of totally invalid pseudo-experimentations on laboratory animals causing cruelty and suffering and ultimately death to humans. Reported figures of approximately six million animals are experimented on in Australia per year, monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, 80% it is estimated without any anaesthesia, experimented on, tortured to death and incinerated to destroy the evidence. Tens of millions animals are experimented on in the UK and America.

“Prescribed medicines kill 10,000 people in the UK from side effects, in America it is 900,000.” All were animal tested! (British Medical Journal) The public are kept completely in the dark about this and most find it totally unbelievable. Domestic pet dogs receive protection from cruelty, while laboratory dogs suffer horrific, torturous, needless psuedo-scientific procedures and testing of poisons. This book tries to reveal why this is being allowed to happen. As quoted many times in this book, your money, unless you check, may be squandered on what is described by some of the most eminent scientists and ‘Nobel Peace Prize Recipients’ as the great fraud permeating the animal research industry. Cruelty does not need experts to define it and only perpetrators try to evade owning and answering up to their involvement in it, they disguise it, deceive, conceal and mask it, using technical jargon to avoid defining its horror. As this book reveals, it is driven and perpetrated by money, greed, bureaucracy and vested interests. This book points you to buying ‘Cruelty Free’ products, non-animal tested. You have permission to use pages from this book to send to and inform people everywhere and be instrumental in helping to abolish the invalidly, needless and merciless experimental torture of laboratory animals.

“All our knowledge about structure, symptoms, diagnosis, & treatment of cancer, comes from clinical methods.”
(No laboratory animals used what so ever.) Prof Hastings Gilford, In The Lancet.

“Not one single animal experiment has ever succeeded in prolonging, or improving, let alone saving, the life of one single person” Dr. Med, Heide Evers.

“My own conviction is that the study of human physiology by way of experimenting on animals is the most grotesque and fantastic error ever committed in the whole range of human intellectual activity.” Dr. G F Walker

This book would never be saleable if images were shown or full details included of the treatment meted out to precious loving animals in such places as restaurants in Korea or China. Expose on page (no 76) titled ‘Outrageous Treatment of Korean Animals’ also ‘Dogs Slaughtered for Leather’ is covered on page (no 111) – around 2 thousand dogs per day in China with some skinned alive to supply the world with the much sort after soft leather handbags, belts, shoes, wallets and purses, all made from dogs who experienced the most appalling, heinous cruelty and suffering. Animals are tortured in many western laboratories for pharmaceutical and chemical manufactures for greedy profits instead of using scientific testing, for eastern medicine, for medieval pseudo-science of external laboratory animal cancer research and in many universities. It is all unprintable, unspeakable and far too disturbing and upsetting to show or properly describe and it is by these very facts the reason why it is perpetrated and continues with a cloak of anonymity and secrecy, it’s all purposely hidden, there are even laws to stop it from becoming known to the public. Silence is the licence for unconscionable humans to commit unspeakable, unaccountable cruelty to those precious animals, who have

No Rights, No Voice, No Power, & No Hope

so allowing it to continue, when the use of animals in research is obsolete, is needless, invalid, and unwarranted. The pain & gross inhumane torture inflicted on animals is felt no differently to that if inflicted on humans,

‘The pain is just the same’.

Governments and politicians sanction and allow the outdated and needless live animal laboratory experiments for testing and pseudo-research, when there are quicker, cheaper, more accurate alternatives in modern medicine’s advanced technology. Societies vote them into power! We need to change this situation! Inform and spread the truth about laboratory animal torture!

Inform & Educate. This book has many pages to reproduce and send to governments, politicians, everyone.

Be very proud to take a stand and speak out against animal cruelty. ‘You Are Not Alone’

This book contains the recordings of honourable people of great integrity. Surprisingly, the first written historical recordings and throughout the ages of famous and great people reveal their stand against animal cruelty. Some of the greatest names in literature, art, science, philosophy and world leaders have made a stand, spoken out and condemned the abuse, experimentations and exploitation against precious animals. Accused at times of being eccentric, fanatics, crackpots and sentimentalists, they refused to go along with the cruel lemmings of mankind.

Be happy and with pride and self-esteem, hold your head up high to join in the ranks of honourable, compassionate, people.
Join In With Honourable People of Great Integrity.
You Are Not Alone

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